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CW Skimmer 2.1

Multi-channel CW decoder and analyzer

for Windows XP/7/8/10


  • a high sensitivity CW decoding algorithm based on the methods of Bayesian statistics;

  • simultaneous decoding of ALL cw signals in the receiver passband - up to 700 signals can be decoded in parallel on a 3-GHz P4 if a wideband receiver is used;

  • a fast waterfall display, with a resolution sufficient for reading Morse Code dots and dashes visually;

  • the callsigns are extracted from the decoded messages, and the traces on the waterfall are labeled with stations' callsigns;

  • the extracted callsigns are exported as DX cluster spots via the built-in Telnet cluster server;

  • a DSP processor with a noise blanker, AGC, and a sharp, variable-bandwidth CW filter;

  • an I/Q Recorder and player.

Contest, 3-kHz mode

Note that only 3 kHz of spectrum can be decoded and viewed on the waterfall display if a 3-kHz radio is used, as shown on the screenshot above. Wideband display and decoding shown below requires a wideband SDR receiver such as SoftRock.

Contest, wideband mode

Pileup, wideband mode


System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 7 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit). Windows 95 and Windows 98 are not supported.

  • CPU: Pentium-4 2.5 GHz with a wideband radio, or 1 GHz with a 3-kHz radio;

  • Ports: one COM port for the radio CAT control;

  • Receiver:
    • 3-kHz receiver - an ordinary transceiver or receiver, with 3-KHz audio output;
    • SoftRock receiver - a wideband receiver with quadrature output and fixed center frequency;
    • SoftRock on IF - a combination of an ordinary receiver and a SoftRock working on receiver's IF;
    • RF Space SDR-IQ and SDR-14;
    • SRL QuickSilver (QS1R).
    • HPSDR Mercury,
    • Microtelecom Perseus.

    CW Skimmer can be used with the SDR-1000 and Flex-5000 radios via a virtual audio cable.

  • Sound card: a stereo sound card that supports the 48 kHz sampling rate or higher and has a valid WDM driver;

  • Cables: two cables are required for connecting the radio to the PC: a standard stereo cable for the audio or I/Q signal, and a CAT cable/adapter for the CAT control.

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